Hopkins County Fire Department

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Hopkins County Fire Department

We are excited to announce that our next #BOTW is the Hopkins County Fire Department!!! 🚒

Yesterday, we visited Station 20, which is the Central Station in our county and one of only five full-paid fire departments in the State of Texas. Station 20, along with 12 volunteer fire departments, work together to serve the entire county. The HCFD is also affiliated with the Emergency Management Department and Environmental Services Department, meaning that many of the men and women who work there wear multiple hats on the job!

On Tuesday, we met with Fire Chief Andy Endsley to learn more about our #BOTW, the Hopkins County Fire Department. While we were with him at Station 20, he also told us part of his story too! Andy has basically always had a passion for the line of work he’s in. He has been a fireman since 1989, and he said he does it simply because he wants to help and serve people. He’s no different than those he works with either, including those in his own department and those with the City Fire Department. Andy told us that he values the working partnerships that have been established with the other departments and organizations in the area, all of whom have a common goal: to serve and provide for the citizens of our area. 🥰

We are certainly very appreciative of our local fire departments! They are not only brave and helpful when we need them, but they go above and beyond when it comes to community involvement. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the Hopkins County Fire Department this week! ❤️

*The picture below is from the 2020 High School Leadership field trip to Station 20, back in February.