This week we are putting the Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) in the spotlight! This organization is made up of local independent cattle producers and agribusiness representatives who are striving to “enhance the beef industry and the entire Northeast Texas economy.” A few of the many different ways they are working toward this goal include improving the genetic make-up of NETX Commercial Cattle herds, enhancing the performance of cattle throughout their life cycle and rewarding commercial producers financially for adding value to their product (all of which are listed in their mission statement).

The cattle producers and agribusiness representatives that make up NETBIO have a goal to “establish a reputation for the area as a supplier of quality beef calves…” They do not only strive to improve the genetic make-up of NETX cattle, but they also work to improve management practices to decrease the chances of shipping sickness and increase carcass quality. NETBIO also aims to use local resources, which benefits both agricultural producers and the agri-business communities that supply goods and services. In collaboration with the Texas Beef Council and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, NETBIO also seeks to provide educational awareness and practice good business, while simultaneously responding to producers’ wants and needs.