Law Offices of B. Gregg Price, P.C.

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Law Offices of B. Gregg Price, P.C.

This week, we will be highlighting the Law Offices of B. Gregg Price P.C.!!! 🥳 Mr. Price, along with his fellow attorneys and staff members, takes customer service very seriously, and they provide “attentive, hands-on representation” for individuals who have been injured in accidents including automobile, motorcycle, 18-wheeler, professional malpractice and others.

We got to meet with Gregg Price on Monday, and I must say, he was so kind and welcoming! He also has deep roots planted in Hopkins County!!! He was born and raised in Sulphur Springs and has been actively involved in the community all throughout his life, having served as a former mayor and school board member. He has also contributed to First Baptist Church and various non-profit organizations. Mr. Price cares very deeply for the people of Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County and surrounding East Texas communities, and he is committed to helping and serving however he can. 🥰 #BOTW

As we have previously mentioned, Gregg Price and his fellow attorneys care very deeply about the people they serve, and they have a desire to advocate for those who are hurt. Gregg, specifically, has been practicing law for over 40 years, and he told us that he has “a passion to represent the underdog, those who are marginalized and who may not have the money or resources to have a voice against the big bully.” 💙

On Monday, we had a great talk with Gregg Price, and there was one thing he said that we can’t go without mentioning: “What makes us different than other attorneys is our hands-on approach which has been coined “The Gold Standard” of customer service that we provide our clients. From the moment a client walks through the door, our dedicated staff is always available to assist in any way possible and create a positive experience…” Mr. Price has a team that consistently produces excellent results and will go to great lengths in order to “maximize the outcome” their injured clients deserve, as the testimonials indicate.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the Law Offices of Gregg Price this week, just as much as we did! Show them some love in the comments below!!! 🥰 #ChamberLove