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BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Broadway Veterinary Hospital

Broadway Veterinary Hospital opened in 1985, to serve the large and small animals of Hopkins County and surrounding counties. Dr. David Black and Dr. Chris Gilbreath provide comprehensive health care for your pets in a compassionate and caring way, with an outstanding staff that can meet every need. According to Dr. Black, he and Dr. Gilbreath grew up caring for animals, and both worked for veterinarians in high school. That is what paved the direction of their education and gave them the want to become veterinarians, themselves.

One of the questions we ask each Business of the Week is, “What is your biggest inspiration in life or in your job?” Dr. Black, with Broadway Veterinary Hospital, told us that he loves being able to help so many people, through their pets. His exact words were, “The thing I enjoy most about work is being able to work with people and with animals… This is the best of both worlds. I can’t think of a better job that gives back to people, pets and the community.” He also mentioned that his staff contributes to the enjoyment of his work. “We all work long and hard hours, but we have fun doing what we do. I always say, ‘When this job stops being fun, I’ll look for a different job, but I don’t see me ever changing the line of work I’m in…'”

Dr. Black, who is one of the two veterinarians at our #BOTW, Broadway Veterinary Hospital, went above and beyond to express his gratitude for the community, and we can’t go without sharing his words with you, too:

“I was born and raised here in Sulphur Springs and have been blessed to now say I have raised my family here. S.S. is a very special place… the most giving, selfless community that always steps up to any challenge or need that arises, and I’m proud to be part of the community… The blessing of living in a small community is that you have many opportunities to participate… through organizations. This community has given me and my family, from my parents to my kids, many blessings, and I was always taught to give back. That is what makes your community thrive.” Dr. Black went on to explain the numerous organizations, boards, events and foundations that he has been apart of with his wife, Pam, by his side. Together, they have been involved with the Dairy Festival, Hopkins County Health Care Foundation, NETBIO and several others, and he has been involved in establishing a Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine. Pretty amazing, right?! He went on to say, “We are blessed beyond words to be part of the greatest community on this earth and, at the same time, have the opportunity to serve God while serving the community.”

The veterinarians and staff, at Broadway Veterinary Hospital, care for this community deeply, and we certainly enjoyed highlighting them this week! Make sure you share this post, or comment, with your own special words for this business!!! #ChamberLove 💙🐾