Heritage Christian Counseling Center

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Heritage Christian Counseling Center

Our next “Business of the Week” is Heritage Outreach Ministry Foundation, doing business as Heritage Christian Counseling Center! Heritage Christian Counseling Center, which will begin its 23rd year on June 1st, offers faith-based counseling for many needs, such as marriage, individual, alcohol and drug addiction, depression and more. Their goal is to “ensure that everyone in need of mental health care will receive the help they need, regardless of their ability to pay.”

Dr. Mary Leshe is the director of our #BOTW, Heritage Christian Counseling Center. She told us that Heritage is a direct result of her seeking counseling for herself during a difficult time in her life. She returned to school, so she could help others receive the benefits and healing that she received.

These are her exact words: “The counseling center sprang up out of my life tragedies resulting in me seeking counseling for myself. The emotional healing and benefits I received created a desire to help others, and [I] was led back to school. I try to never forget what it was like to be on the other side of the counseling process. Helping others find healing and help to deal with life struggles is my passion… My calling.”

Dr. Leshe also shared her life verses with us, which we included in the picture below.

We want to share a special message from the director, Dr. Mary Leshe: “We appreciate and want to thank the community for all the support these past 22 years, and we are looking forward to continuing to serve in the years ahead.” 😊

Heritage Christian Counseling Center, is a 501c3 organization that provides mental health care to Hopkins County and the surrounding area. Dr. Leshe emphasized that there is a great need for this type of care, but many of those who need the help don’t have the means to obtain it. Their main goal is to ensure that anyone in need of mental health care can receive help, regardless of their ability to pay. The Heritage Outreach Ministry Foundation is supported completely by tax-exempt contributions from individuals, corporations, United Way and churches. They also have volunteer opportunities. If you would like more information about supporting them, you can contact them at (903) 438-9673.