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This week, we have the opportunity of highlighting Temples Trailer Sales, a manufacturer of their trailer line, “TEM-TRAIL.” At Temples Trailer Sales, they build all types of utility trailers, big or small, and they also carry cargo trailers, cattle trailers and truck bed bodies. They even have a service department that installs goose-neck hookups and can repair all types of trailer needs.

Our Business of the Week, Temples Trailer Sales, has been running strong for 52 years!! I chose this picture to go with their story because I feel like it’s a good representation of the history and growth of their business. This is the counter in their office, that is decorated with various types of money they have received over the years.

It all started when Mike Temples won the State Mechanic Award, in high school, and was awarded a welder. He decided to use that prize to make his living, and he chose to build trailers since it wasn’t common back then. He started Temples Trailer Sales on December 1st, 1968, and worked very hard to build the business with his wife, Judy, alongside him. Mike and Judy were married for 48 years, before he passed away in 2012, but she continues to run the family business with the help of their daughters, Lisa and Lana, and their son, Larry Jay, who began working with them when he was 12 years old.

Sweet stories like this one are what makes this series so special, and we hope you enjoy hearing them, just as much as we do! 🥰 Stay on the look-out tomorrow, for our final post about this awesome #BOTW!! We want to share a few words from the owner, Judy Temples, who shared about how appreciative they are of their customers:

“We enjoy meeting a need for the public by providing a well-built trailer they can use for years. We love to hear stories of some of the trailers we first built, still being used today. Our customers become our friends through repeat visits, and their recommendations to others has built our business into what it is today.” 💙

We hope you all enjoyed learning more about Temples Trailer Sales, this week! Make sure you give them a call or pay them a visit for any of your trailer needs. Have a great weekend!!! 😊 #ChamberLove

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