Jeff’s Carpet Cleaning

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Jeff’s Carpet Cleaning

For today’s #BOTW post, we want to share a special message from the man behind Jeff’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration:

“Here at Jeff’s Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in the work we perform and strive to do the best possible job, so we take our enjoyment from the satisfaction that we bring to our customers… Our customers make our workday fun. Without our customers, Jeff’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration would not be what it is, and we thank you all for the continued support we receive.”

As we have mentioned many times, supporting local business is always so important, but especially right now! If you’re looking for another opportunity to do just that, Jeff is currently disinfecting homes and businesses at a reduced rate of service! Make sure you give him a call, and see what it’s all about! Stay safe, everyone, and have a happy Easter!!! #ChamberLove