Slaughter’s BBQ


This week, we are highlighting Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis!!! 🎉 This lovely little business offers fresh, craft style, slow smoked Texas BBQ, and it is DELICIOUS! According to David Slaughter, “Great BBQ is [their] mission, reggae music is [their] preference, and the good Lord above is the reason [they] get to do what [they] love.” 💙

We are so excited to share more about Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis this week!!! Make sure you pay a visit to their tropical BBQ paradise, located right in front of Fix & Feed. We have a feeling that your taste buds will be pleased! 😉 #BOTW #ChamberLove #LoveOurTownSS

There is a pretty sweet story behind Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis, our “Business of the Week.” 😊

David and Kimberley Slaughter have been married for almost 13 years, and together, they have two daughters, Kayla and Lexie. In 2015, they decided to start their own company, selling jars of their barbecue sauce at the Farmer’s Market in Sulphur Springs. Since then, their business has experienced tremendous growth! Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis has been featured in Texas Monthly magazine and on ABC Daybreak’s “Best Chicken Dishes in North Texas.” The business has also been featured on the Trey’s Chow Down blog and has been nominated (more than once) by County Line magazine, for the best barbecue in the upper east side of Texas! How amazing is that?! 👏

If you have tasted the food, then all of that won’t come as a surprise to you. It is truly out of this world! Congratulations to the Slaughter family for all that you have accomplished so far! We have enjoyed learning more about your wonderful establishment. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, as we wrap up the week with a special message from David Slaughter, himself! #BOTW #ChamberLove 💕

Happy Friday, Hopkins County! 🎉 Like most Friday posts, we want to share a special message from our #BOTW, Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis:

“Immerse yourself in something that you’re passionate about, work hard at it, and be the best that you can be everyday, taking no shortcuts… Our biggest inspirations have been God, family, friends and our community. The outpouring of love and support from everyone has been such a huge blessing. We always wanted to be a business that people were proud to have in their community.” 💕

We hope you have enjoyed our Business of the Week posts, highlighting Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis! Right now, social media is loaded with posts about the pandemic, but I think it’s important that we take some time to focus on the positive things around us, as well! Remember, the Chamber is here for YOU! We hope you all remain healthy, and have a wonderful weekend! 🥰 #LoveOurTownSS #ChamberLove