S&S Professional Drafting Services

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK S&S Professional Drafting Services

Let’s take a break, from the COVID-19 chaos, to celebrate our next Business of the Week! 🎉

S&S Professional Drafting Services is a business that focuses primarily on the development of residential, commercial and structural design plans. We got to visit with Mr. Cleveland Seals today, and we learned so much about what he does and why he loves it so much! We look forward to sharing more about this #BOTW with you, throughout the rest of this week. Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone! 😊

Cleveland Seals, the owner of S&S Professional Drafting Services, has been in his current field for about 20 years now. Throughout his childhood, he had a strong interest in designing plans for different structures and buildings, but he ended up spending much of his adult life developing and running large companies. He spent about 13-14 years running the local Coca-Cola plant and then went on to teach design classes at the college level. Eventually, he realized that his passion was to work on his own and challenge himself with a variety of different projects! #BOTW

We briefly mentioned the passion that Cleveland Seals has for what he does, but when we met with him on Tuesday, he went into great detail about what he loves most about his job and his business. Mr. Seals loves a good challenge, and he faces a new one every time he receives a project. He enjoys how no plan is ever the same, and his work is constantly changing. He also holds himself to the standard that there is no room for mistakes. He is very particular about the work he does and wants to offer his best to all of his customers.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about S&S Professional Drafting Services, just as much as we did! Hopefully, these posts have shed some light on the current circumstances that we’re all facing together. Stay strong, everyone!!!