CHRISTUS Mother Frances Inpatient Rehab Center

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK CHRISTUS Mother Frances Inpatient Rehab Center

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Our new “Business of the Week” is the CHRISTUS Mother Frances Inpatient Rehab Center!!!

According to the director, Ben Pegues, their mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, through a multi-faceted collaboration between case management, nursing and physical therapy. The goal of the rehabilitation center, in addition to that, is to provide patients with the necessary tools and therapy to help them recover from whatever unfortunate circumstance brought them there.

Ben Pegues is the director over Inpatient Rehab, and he has been at the hospital since April of 2001. Before joining the Rehab department in October of 2019, he worked in ICU, Med/Surg and Infection Control.

Ben mentioned that his biggest inspiration for his current position came from a lesson he learned from Boy Scouts. Leadership always required that they leave the campsites in better condition than they had found them, and he said the same applies to rehabilitation. His exact words were, “We take a patient’s condition and attempt, to not only get them to their baseline on admission, but even better than they have been in some time.”

If you know Ben, or encounter him at some point, you will notice pretty quickly that he tackles his work with a great amount of passion. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, to learn more about the others who have dedicated their efforts to helping the rehab center thrive, and what might be coming in the future, to make it even more special.

Some of you may know that the rehab center was dedicated in honor of Dr. Joseph B. Longino, who was part of one of the founding families that started the hospital here in Hopkins County. Now, Dr. Arnecke, who was one of Dr. Joe’s protégés, is the Medical Director! As Ben said himself, “We are family, taking care of family, while working with family,” and that little piece of information is an example of how it all comes full circle.

Over the years, those who have spent time on the rehab team have poured their efforts into building relationships with their patients, while advocating for them and helping them overcome whatever obstacles brought them to the rehab center. And Ben said that they are continuing to come up with more ways they can encourage their patients and help them reach their goals! He mentioned that they are planning to implement a Wall of Honor, which will display pictures and brief descriptions of former patients who have been through rehabilitation, so the current patients can feel encouraged by the visual representation of all the success stories. He also mentioned that a common goal among the patients is that they want to be able to work in the garden again, so he wants to install a “standing garden,” which will allow them to do what they love, without the major physical demand of getting down on their hands and knees.

So many wonderful things are happening at the CMF Inpatient Rehab Center, and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting the inside scoop on just how much they care for their patients and contribute to the community! Help us thank them, for all that they do, in the comment section below!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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