Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop

BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop

Our first “Business of the Week,” is Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop, located here in Sulphur Springs. This morning, we got to pay Wes, Angela and Haleigh a visit, to deliver the sign and learn more about their story and some of the special pieces in their shop. They offer a variety of services, including custom jewelry design, jewelry repair, watch/clock repair, fossils and so much more! We highly recommend that you stop by their shop, to find a Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone, or to even just browse all of the neat items they have in the store. Stay tuned throughout the week, to hear more about what makes this business so wonderful!

When we visited our Business of the Week yesterday, we were all pleasantly surprised by the variety they have in the shop, and according to the Hampton’s, their other visitors have the same reaction! When you walk through the door, you’ll find displays with the beautiful merchandise neatly arranged and unique clocks covering the walls. You can see, for yourself, what else they have in store when you pay them a visit at 305 Main Street.

Wes and Angela, the owners of Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop, are prime examples of what it looks like to turn your passions into a career.
Angela studied art in college and has been in the jewelry business for 15 years. As a child, she loved seeing the fashion jewelry, and that passion followed her all the way through the completion of her degree and jewelry certifications!
Wes has had a passion for dinosaurs since he was a young child, when he had a vivid dream of a dinosaur encounter! He has been involved in fossil excavations for over 25 years now, specifically in the Northeast Texas area, and he continues to build his collection. The fossil pictured is one you’ll find in the shop, and it was found right here in the Sulphur Springs area! How cool is that?!
Pay them a visit today, so you can see their beautiful story come to life! #BOTW #ChamberLove